Why Rent a Depo?
Centrally Located: Warehouse For Rent In Istanbul In Sisli In The Center Of The City
Free Parking: Ease of Parking for Goods Storage and Moving from House to House… Street Closed to Traffic
Our Working Hours: You can enter your warehouse between 08.00 - 19.00. (Excluding Sunday and Public Holidays)
Ventilated Warehouses: Ventilated Storage Units Prepared for Your Comfort and Safety of Your Goods...
Insurance & Security: Your Warehouse is Insured Against Loss and Damages. Protected by High Security Measures.
Warehouse Materials: Please contact us for additional materials such as shelves and belts that you may need for storage.
Copy, Scan and Fax: Copier, Scan and Fax Machines to Backup and Replicate Your Documents.
Warehouse Consultant: We will inform you about the Fees and Conditions with the Transporter We Work with for Shipping
Choose Your Storage That's Right For You!
  • Daily 119,90₺ + 20% VAT
    Weekly 559,50₺ + 20% VAT
    15 Days 1,079,10₺ + 20% VAT
    1 Month 1,726,56₺ + 20% VAT
    2 Months 3,107,81₺ + 20% VAT
    3 Months 4,402.73₺ + 20% VAT
    6 Months 7.484,64₺ + 20% VAT
    1 Year 12.723,88₺ + 20% VAT
  • Prices are per piece baggage or box no matter the size but can be carried by one person.
  • GROSS 2 to 5m2 Private Rooms
  • Weekly: 795,39₺ + VAT 20% Starting Prices
  • GROSS 5 to 8m2 Private Rooms
  • Weekly: 862,70₺ + VAT 20% Starting Prices
  • GROSS 8 to 15m2 Private Rooms
  • Weekly: 1206,96₺ + 20% VAT Starting Prices
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